Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rehashing Blog Thoughts

I was looking back on some of the things I pondered a long time ago about garden blogs and am not surprised that I still feel, pretty much, the same way.

October 2006: Garden Blogger Sickness/Addiction
Still sick/addicted - just with lots more!

November 2006: It's all about the bling, baby!
I still hate, hate, hate millions of pictures (ugh!), ads, buttons, widgets, changing text colors (do you know how hard those are to read, people?), videos, slide shows, huge headers, run-on paragraphs that never end, etc. I know for a fact that will never change. It sucks when someone has so much crap crammed on their blog that I can't even get it to load or it freezes and I get the dreaded 'error' message. And yes, there are tons of them that I wish I could read, but I'm not going to wait for 5 minutes for a page to load. Not gonna happen!

July 2007: Garden Blog = Garden Photos?
Oh, yes, without a doubt - still feel exactly the same as I did then! I don't need pics, I need info.

January 2007: Blognality
I still want to see that personality! Mr. Brown Thumb's comment to that post pretty much said it all: "If I want to read about an immaculate garden or how they've never lost a plant I can read Martha Stewart."

These are my own personal opinions and I certainly don't expect people to agree with me. (that seldom happens anyway) Honestly, I'm pretty proud that I've stuck to my guns on most of my opinions about garden blogs. I don't want to look at ads, won't wait for eons for a page to load (if I freeze I make a mental note of the blog title and never bother with it again) and won't return to blogs with ridiculous amounts of pictures and a blogger with nothing to say about those pics.

As for the commenting parts of blogs, well, I realize it isn't good etiquette for a blog owner not to respond to a comment I've left, but people do have lives. They're busy with jobs, kids, whatever (hopefully the whatever is something good, like gardening). I'll always cut some slack for that.

I wonder how I'll feel a year from now...

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