Monday, August 02, 2010

'Descendents' Is Stunning!!

This animated short, called Descendents, with the Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of the older, wiser flower, is simply stunning!

Description from Binary Alchemy:"Descendants" is a 14 minute animated short about the wish of attaining the unattainable and about the fact that something good can evolve from something evil.

The two main characters are flowers (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg and Christy Scott Cashman) who grow on the edge of a clearing next to one another.
One is old and jaded by a mysterious history - the other one still young, vivid and curious. Destiny has brought these two together and it seems as if they would exist without possibility for change, until one day a visitor to the clearing brings something unexpected to their lives.

Descendants from Goro Fujita on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Grow Project, post 6

And, once again, it's the first Sunday of the month. Wow, summer is flying by!

I'm sorry to say that most of the nasties all look rather pitiful.

The WS'd ones pretty much pooped out in the heat even though the pansies made it through looking ok. Hmmm....weird.

2010 GP

The ones started inside and transplanted to containers don't look too bad here and there. Still a bit small, but looking decent.

2010 GP

The one's started in the ground don't look too awful either. Although I only got 50% germination and only one has bloomed so far, these seem to be doing the best of all the methods I tried.

2010 GP

2010 GP

The nasties started in containers outside are another matter - they're very small and they haven't even begun to bloom yet. There's still time.

GP nasties

Since we still have another month and a half left to the growing season here, I won't give up on any of them yet, but honestly, they haven't performed anywhere near as well as I expected they would. Bummer.
I hope everyone else is having better luck with them than I am!

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."