Thursday, May 03, 2007


The vegetable planting is overtaking any kind of flower bed preperations.

D decided we needed the garden situated in a completely different place this year (actually more longated in another direction). Moving almost a whole garden bed is a lot of work.

It's turned into a 'plant as soil is prepared' marathon. I totally don't recommend this and I know it isn't quite the correct or proper way to do things, but I never really adhered to any of the garden rules. I'm such an obstinant gardener! It would be so much easier to do raised beds, but that's nowhere near being in the budget.

So far we've gotten everything in the cole crops in except for the brussel sprouts. Poor things! At least they're patiently hanging on until we can make a little more progress.

I finally had a tulip show its pretty face today. Yay!

My WSed jugs aren't really doing anything this year. I think most of the seeds rotted with the really crappy spring we had, but thanks to Don, (thanks again you wonderfully generous man!) I got to resow a lot of the seeds I think I lost. He sent me a lot of his leftover seeds and it was one heck of a welcome sight to see that envelope in the mail! I wonder if the neighbors think I'm nuts when I do the happy dance...

Thank God I was smart enough to leave back 2 or 3 of some of the seeds Kim and Sissy sent, but I certainly won't have what I would have of them.

I'm dying to start those yummy warm weather veg seeds Kim sent, but I'll be a patient gardener and hold back for the crappy weather that's sure to show up at a most inopportune time. Isn't that always the way in CNY? Low temp last night was 31, so, uh, yeah...I'm waiting.

A friend down the road is ripping down their log cabin and said we could take the logs if we wanted. Moving them is going to be nigh-on impossible, but I'm estatic! We're going to use them to see if we can build some flowerbeds around the base of the house and stop the wind from wipping in so bad in the winter. I can't imagine a cozy house during a blizzard and no snowdrifts under the wall edges! Another friend of D's gave us some oddball sheets of foam insulation to put against the wall first, and then we'll protect the insulation and walls with plastic before we fill. Now I just have to figure out where and how to get some dirt.

It's another massive project to monopolize our summer, but what's new. A warm house? Lovely new flower beds? Imagine! I can definitely handle that.