Monday, May 17, 2010

Late Blight Detected Already!

Grrrrr! Here we go again!

University of Maryland: Late Blight of Tomato

"Unfortunately late blight was detected in a greenhouse in St. Mary's County on May 7, 2010. The grower has taken measures to eradicate the disease. We don't know at this time whether it will spread, or if the grower will be able to contain the outbreak. We also do not know if this outbreak is related to the 2009 outbreak. We are monitoring the situation."

And from Louisiana: Tomato Blight Threatening South Louisiana Gardens

"Scientists at the LSU AgCenter recently confirmed the presence of late blight on tomatoes in home gardens in Terrebonne, Lafayette, Livingston and Tangipahoa parishes. Symptoms include black lesions on stems and petioles, blackening of the fruit, and dark, dead areas on the foliage.

“The disease is probably being introduced on infected transplants, so be sure to check tomato plants for symptoms before you buy them,” said LSU AgCenter plant pathologist Don Ferrin."


Keep an eye on your plants, people, especially if you've purchased (or plan on it) and didn't grow from seed. That's not to say you won't get it if you grew from seed, or that you shouldn't be vigilant, you should. One gust of wind and . . .