Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Overwintering Successes - So Far

I was so happy to finally be able to get outside and see what made it through - so far.
I'm not stupid enough to think that old man winter might not give us one more good smack upside the head, but here's to hoping, anyway.

The two rhubarbs that we transplanted last fall are budded. (thought they weren't too happy about their location as I wasn't able to harvest anything after two years)

Some lavender made it! I can't believe it. I was sure it was all going to croak as I left it in an exposed, wet area all winter. But, tada! It's out there and alive. Even seems as if it has grown a lot.

A few of the rhody seedlings are looking good. A surprise there, too! I can't find any of the azaleas.

I'm not too sure about the garlic, though. They had beautiful green shoots last month, but then we got a quick thaw that was just long enough to get rid of the protective snow cover, followed by ten below 0 F. I dug one up just to be nosy, and the roots look good, everything else just looks like mush. I guess I'll just have to give it some more time and see what happens.

I got some pepper seeds (chinese giant reds and a mix, 56) in soil last Friday the thirteenth. (Figured that was as good a day as any the way our luck has been running) No sprouts yet. It's much too early to expect any.

This weekend I'll be sowing the green ones. All I have is the leftover Cali Wonders, so they'll have to do.

The cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli seed I started a while ago are growing nicely. Short and bushy - perfect. I'm also out of seed for those now.

Only two weeks to getting the tomato started. Oh, I can't WAIT to smell that foliage!

We started getting the ponds cleaned out, but with the temps going into the mid-teens F this week, we'll wait until next weekend to get the pump and filter up and running. We lost two koi. ~sigh~

Oh, on a side note, I had an opportunity to tell the Nielsen Company exactly what I thought of HGTV, and wow, do I feel better!