Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting There

Slowly but surely, we're getting things accomplished.

With the long weekend, and two whole days with nice temps and no rain, I finally was able to get most of the WS seedlings in. Since I'm being so very meticulous with placement and care, it is taking forever. With such a weird spring, I lost a lot of the seeds to rot, so I'm trying to fill all that space with what I have left.

Most of the no-shows were for the semi-shade area of the flowerbed, so I'll have to resort to placing some of the sun lovers there after all. It can't be helped.

WS lesson learned this year = try to save some bucks for the good potting soil, or go plain pete. Some of the jugs ended up as bricks with no germination at all. Not surprising! Of course, when it finally comes time to do it again, I know it's going to be the cheap stuff, or not do it again at all :(

Both the pink and deep purple butterfly bushes made it through the winter (yes!) so I guess it pays to really mulch those well. The iris are budding nicely, can't wait for them to finally open.

The dollar shop allysum seed I planted last year turned into the most amazing, gorgeous blast of color by the ponds. They are so huge and lush they look fake.

Junk hunting turned into a success. Hubs got a nice deep wheelbarrow (you would have died laughing watching us finagle that huge thing into the trunk of the tiny neon), which was missing its wheel, but no biggie. I got a beautiful column pedestal for the center of the bog to put a pot on for some added color. Ok, so there's a small hole in the bottom on one side - that just gets to be put in the back where nobody walks anyway! And I got tons of six packs for seed starting indoors next spring. Woohoo!

Most of the garden is planted, though there's still a bit to clear out to get more of the veg seeds in that Kim sent me.

I can't believe how well every single one of the veg I grew from seed are doing! We've always had pretty good success with them, but this year is almost unreal. I so wish I had a camera. Ok, maybe not - I haven't had time to weed out just yet. There is so much satisfaction when I look at those strong healthy plants and know that WE did that. From tiny, sometimes almost invisible seeds, came these huge healthy plants that will fill the freezer soon. Even the onions are almost knee high!

The bee balm is kind of taking over one area by the pond, but I don't mind, I like it. Besides, it seems to be the hummingbird favorite every year.

The Lizard Tail in the bog (that I got for a buck last year because Lowe's left it out in the late freeze) is going gangbusters, along with the purple water iris we pulled from a ditch.

Now, if the flowers grow to be as happy and healthy, we're going to have one hell of a gorgeous yard!

It's good to be a gardener!