Saturday, May 03, 2008

Add Linens N Things To The Closing List

Linens N Things has filed for bankruptcy and is closing 120 stores.

Gift Cards will be worthless-

"Brian Riley, senior analyst at research firm The TowerGroup, estimates the filing will freeze about $42 million in consumer gift cards, affecting about 400,000 customers. While consumers may think of the gift cards as cash, the bankruptcy court considers gift cards as debt, and therefore holders are not necessarily going to get paid."

I see the point, but that doesn't seem fair at all.
You know, I've never been in one of their stores - not even the one in Utica that's on the closing list.
I'm sure Bed Bath & Beyond will get all their customers.
I've never been in one of those stores either. lol.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Our Home Depot Is Closing

Well, not ours specifically (there's like 3 in the general area for pete sake!)...the one in Rome, NY.
So far, 400 will lose their jobs, but when it eventually closes for good, that number will be 1500 total.
15 stores nationwide will be closing and they will not be opening another 50, as planned.

• #2015 East Fort Wayne, Indiana
• #2032 Marion, Indiana
• #2310 Frankfort, Kentucky
• #379 Opelousas, Louisiana
• #2819 Cottage Grove, Minnesota
• #6901 East Brunswick, New Jersey
• #6904 Saddle Brook, New Jersey
• #6171 Rome, New York
• #3702 Bismarck, North Dakota
• #3874 Findlay, Ohio
• #3865 Lima, Ohio
• #4552 Brattleboro, Vermont
• #4932 Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
• #4933 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
• #4913 NW Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I really can't say I'm upset the big orange box is going away, but I can say it's crap that so many people will be losing their paychecks.
Now where, oh, where will I buy dried out, neglected, foliage frozen clearance plants? Oh, yeah- there's always Lowe's - for now.
I'm betting this is just the beginning of worse things to come.

We're All Reading The Wrong Horoscopes

Some randomness...
I don't read mine, but just thought it was an interesting tidbit for those that do.
Because of the shift of the constellations to the west, we're all in the wrong sign and reading the wrong horoscopes.
2% of the population are two signs off, while the rest is one.
Oh, and by the way, there's a 13th sign.
And here I thought I was a Capricorn for all these years.
Good thing the moon doesn't go all wonky, cause I'd be planting things at the wrong time.
Just sayin'.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back (And Front) Yard Gardeners

Food prices are rising and people are gardening.
Video from ABC News : As the price of food rises, homeowners turn their yards into minifarms

Losing My Links

BritBlog is one of the directories I've used for quite a while to find and check out (new and old) British gardening blogs.
Now it's closed.
Big Bummer.

Well, there's still Garden voices, The Power Guides, my Favs list, My Folia, Dig In Dirt, Blog Catalog, Top 100, etc.
Ummm, ok, nevermind. There are endless lists and possibilities and I'll still be occupied by virtual gardens for... forever.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Rich Discover Walmart

The rich (those with very high levels of disposable income) have suddenly become Walmart shoppers.
This is bad...very bad.
Seriously - does anyone else see this as the beginning of a major problem? will all those high-priced, pandering-to-the-rich places make ends meet?

~insert violin music and wide-eyed wonder here~

Honestly, I could give a rats ass if places like Nordstroms or all those high-end boutiques that cater to the rich go out of business.

But what about all those local Mom & Pop's that are also going to lose their business and sink into oblivion because of it? They've already had to inflate their prices so high to stay afloat that most 'regular' income people have abandoned them for Waldeath.

A recent report said that Americans worth 3 million dollars, and over, no longer considered themselves 'rich'.

Here's some advice to the wealthy when beginning your new shopping adventure at Waldeath: Walk carefully. We wouldn't want you to scuff your brand new, never worn Valentinos on those non-slip matts, now, would we?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seeing Red

Do you ever get so mad at someone for giving out bad advice that you'd like to spit but still shut your mouth because you know they either won't listen or think their opinion on the subject is completely, utterly right and you don't want to start a row?
Grrrr...I am biting my tongue so hard right now that I can taste blood.
Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...repeat...

On a happier note -
I see Garden Rant has done a write-up on My Folia, but for some reason I can't get to the Rant blog. "Page cannot be displayed". Bugger. I don't know if they liked it or not. lol.
But, My Folia is an awesome site!
I joined as a member when they first started and can honestly say I think they are the cat's pajamas!
A bit confusing when you first start using it, but then anything worthwhile usually is. And no...umm...'points' stuff. Bonus!


Right back into snow.
It's almost May, for pete's sake!
The koi and orfe are sulking. I can't say as I blame them.
No food for them for a few days - the water will definitely be nosediving below the 50 degree metabolism mark.

I am sooo not covering any plants or even worrying about my ws'd jugs. They made it through the quick freeze in April last year pretty well and are on their own again with the wacky weather. All I'm going to do is make sure they're well watered before the big freeze hits. Good luck, little guys!

All of my cheapie bulb plants I planted last fall are up. Yay!
Trout Lily
Virginia Bluebells
May Apple

Hope this freeze doesn't mess with them.

Oh, and we got the lawn mowed for the first time in 08.
It's a good thing.
From 87 degrees to 30 - not so good.

Monday, April 28, 2008

People Suck

We just passed the first anniversary of the death of Officer Thomas Lindsey.
A few weeks ago, his family erected a memorial in his memory - a lovely cross and picture.
Now, It's been vandalized.
Why would someone do that?
Truly, people suck.