Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Rich Discover Walmart

The rich (those with very high levels of disposable income) have suddenly become Walmart shoppers.
This is bad...very bad.
Seriously - does anyone else see this as the beginning of a major problem? will all those high-priced, pandering-to-the-rich places make ends meet?

~insert violin music and wide-eyed wonder here~

Honestly, I could give a rats ass if places like Nordstroms or all those high-end boutiques that cater to the rich go out of business.

But what about all those local Mom & Pop's that are also going to lose their business and sink into oblivion because of it? They've already had to inflate their prices so high to stay afloat that most 'regular' income people have abandoned them for Waldeath.

A recent report said that Americans worth 3 million dollars, and over, no longer considered themselves 'rich'.

Here's some advice to the wealthy when beginning your new shopping adventure at Waldeath: Walk carefully. We wouldn't want you to scuff your brand new, never worn Valentinos on those non-slip matts, now, would we?

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