Friday, May 02, 2008

Our Home Depot Is Closing

Well, not ours specifically (there's like 3 in the general area for pete sake!)...the one in Rome, NY.
So far, 400 will lose their jobs, but when it eventually closes for good, that number will be 1500 total.
15 stores nationwide will be closing and they will not be opening another 50, as planned.

• #2015 East Fort Wayne, Indiana
• #2032 Marion, Indiana
• #2310 Frankfort, Kentucky
• #379 Opelousas, Louisiana
• #2819 Cottage Grove, Minnesota
• #6901 East Brunswick, New Jersey
• #6904 Saddle Brook, New Jersey
• #6171 Rome, New York
• #3702 Bismarck, North Dakota
• #3874 Findlay, Ohio
• #3865 Lima, Ohio
• #4552 Brattleboro, Vermont
• #4932 Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
• #4933 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
• #4913 NW Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I really can't say I'm upset the big orange box is going away, but I can say it's crap that so many people will be losing their paychecks.
Now where, oh, where will I buy dried out, neglected, foliage frozen clearance plants? Oh, yeah- there's always Lowe's - for now.
I'm betting this is just the beginning of worse things to come.


Gina said...

tina - i saw the article that HD was closing some of the stores but didnt know where they were located. Thanks for posting that list. I wouldnt be sad to see them go either. But it's never good to see people lose jobs...

Betty said...

I'm surprised HD isn't closing its store in my town. Nobody ever shope there. The local store, at least, has a reputation for very poor service. You only have to drive by and see the empty parking lot day after day to understand that something is very wrong there.

Tina said...

Hiya, Gina,
thanks for dropping by.
Yeah, I hate the place, but losing more jobs around here is the last thing we need right now.

Wow, hi, Betty,
Thanks for stopping by!
I think most HD's have that rep.
When I told them once that water lilies should actually be watered as they are WATER plants, they said, "Oh, we didn't know." Ummm...duh?
I wouldn't be surprised if they end up adding a lot more stores to that closing list.