Thursday, September 21, 2006


What a deal!
Popped into Lowe's to see how bad the bill was going to be to replace my sewing room roof (just one of the casualties of the tornado), and of course I just had to check the garden center.
Bingo! $17.99 hanging impatien and vinca baskets for 25 cents...omg! There were 13 there so grabbed a few for cuttings. There were a couple old ladies giving me that 'what the hell does she expect to do with flowers that'll be dead in a month' look. Hehe, yeah, but they won't be dead babes! And anyways, the freaking potting soil was worth the quarter.
So, the cashier guy sees me eyeing over the rest, cause maybe I want just one more color, lol, and D is busy asking "Are you done yet?", so the cashier (love those young guys who just could care less) says, "Tell you what, I'll make you a deal." He thinks for a second, counts slowly and says, "Give you all of them for 2 bucks." Well, hell, YES!
Now he's gotta get an over-ride on the cash register. Like I care I have to wait? I'm getting 13 hanging pots of not-to-bad-looking plants for 2 bucks!
Manager finally shows up to do the over-ride and gives them to me for 5 cents each! 5 freaking cents! And then happened to find spirea for 2 bucks.
Made my whole dang day! :) Talk about a happy camper.
On the way home, I decided we needed a quick trip to the 'bad' store. Ahem. Huge bale of peat for 3 bucks because the bag was broken open.
Needless to say - was a darn good luck-out day.
Good Lord, there are cuttings everywhere. Good thing I had the foresight to make thousands of paper pots for winter sowing......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Soooo...the seed saving has begun in earnest.
Thank God for winter sowing, my house will be overflowing with pots and seedlings galore come spring.
Lordy, it seems as if spring will never begin, and yet it isn't even officialy fall.
Obsessed much? :)