Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Luck-Out Garden Stuff Find

I found such a ridiculous deal at Dollar General, it isn't even funny. I came home with over 120 dollars worth of garden stuff for . . . 12 bucks!

3 gallon carved terra cotta look-alike pots - 60 cents. (got 10)
1 gallon painted melamine pots - 20 cents. (grabbed 10)
Cute little pot feet - 30 cents.
Square glass vase - 30 cents. Glass stones for fill - 10 cents.
Hose watering extensions - 80 cents. (I can place my hanging baskets anywhere I want now!)
Wheeled pot movers - 30 cents. (they only had 2 left)
3 piece patio candle set - 35 cents. (got two, one for a gift - they're pretty!)
Large glass plates to use for saucers - 10 cents. (got the 14 they had left)

They had some other things, like tiki torches for 15 cents, and the regular white hanging pots, or trowels and hand rakes for ten cents, but I didn't get any as I was out of money at my twelve bucks. And that was because I'd found HUGE tropicals at Lowe's for a buck a piece! I got a sheffleria (to replace the one that got too cold in the house last year and died), Burgundy Ficus robusta, Asplenium nidus, a pink Peace Lily, a 6 foot Majesty Palm (I know-stop shaking your heads! I'm considering it a challenge) and a ridiculously huge Golden Pothos. I know I'm taking my chances with how cold it gets in here when we run out of heating oil, but for a buck, I'll take the chance. They had perennials for five bucks, and on the way out I saw a sign that said "all nursery, except mums, 50% off" so they were only 2.50 each. Ugh - to be rich for a day!

We'd stopped in Dollar General on Sunday and they had tons of the coconut-lined metal hanging pots that were 1.20 and with the new sale price would have been 40 cents, but someone must have gotten there before me and grabbed every single one of those on Monday when everything got priced dirt cheap. I wish I could have afforded them at the 1.20 price, I would have bought them all then.

All in all, it was a pretty good way to spend the 20 bucks I'd been hiding away for the last six months to splurge on something. Time to start snagging all that change I find around the house again. Maybe I'll have another twenty by spring!