Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well, Shut My Mouth!

Yes, literally . . . I need to shut my mouth.
Ever notice how clamping your jaw really hard really hurts?
The forced nod and smile, not so much, but dang, jaw-cramp sucks.

You see, my niece just bought a house. An old house. With land. Lots. And old flowerbeds. With perennials. With fab trees. With space for a veg garden. With a cute ancient barn. With a mature berry patch. With a huge apple tree. With an honest-to-God-how-could-she-have-lucked-out-so-perfectly white picket fence.

Can you see where this is headed?

Of course you can, if you're a gardener. And it isn't a good place. Cause . . . well . . . it's not my place, now, is it? It's K's.

She. Doesn't. Garden.
And isn't interested in starting.
Plans on ripping stuff out.

UGH! ~sigh~

Shut. My. Mouth.

Pffffft! Non-Gardeners Just Don't Understand!

Christmas was cool.
All the children showed up for Christmas Eve din-din. OK, so it was under the threat of penalty of death, but that's besides the point. After Church service with the grandparents, I stuffed their faces and plied them with wine, then watched as they all sprawled across the couch groaning with swollen bellies. It doesn't matter that they couldn't move for 3 hours cause I was happy, and when the Mom is happy, all is well, you know!

But, come Christmas morning there was much head-shaking and eye-rolling in my direction.
What?! So I got some bulbs to force as a gift. So? So - All unwrapping (at least mine) must cease and dirt be immediately strewn across the kitchen counters. Yes, now.
Right. Freaking. Now.
I do not care what is in the next box with the perfect red paper and glorious white bow. These bulbs must meet soil and water post-haste!

Oh, and this afternoon, since it's above freezing and not snowing, you can all help me finish shoveling compost onto the new flowerbed. Yes, on Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

20 Grains At A Time

One person dies of hunger every 3.5 seconds.
Free went live 10/7/07 , was created by John Breen and is the sister site of Free Rice and United Nations' World Food Program donate to the hungry by YOU playing a simple vocabulary game. It's free, fun and NOT a hoax. Please play-