Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well, Shut My Mouth!

Yes, literally . . . I need to shut my mouth.
Ever notice how clamping your jaw really hard really hurts?
The forced nod and smile, not so much, but dang, jaw-cramp sucks.

You see, my niece just bought a house. An old house. With land. Lots. And old flowerbeds. With perennials. With fab trees. With space for a veg garden. With a cute ancient barn. With a mature berry patch. With a huge apple tree. With an honest-to-God-how-could-she-have-lucked-out-so-perfectly white picket fence.

Can you see where this is headed?

Of course you can, if you're a gardener. And it isn't a good place. Cause . . . well . . . it's not my place, now, is it? It's K's.

She. Doesn't. Garden.
And isn't interested in starting.
Plans on ripping stuff out.

UGH! ~sigh~

Shut. My. Mouth.


blueblue said...

The pain....Aaaargggghhh!

You know, if she ever does start to garden she'll realise what she did LOL.

Tina said...

lol, blueblue, too true. But, too late!