Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seeds Sown And A First Haircut


No, not a haircut for a kid (the last first one of those was 17 years ago). For the onions.
They're so cute!

I sowed the cole crop seeds today:
Brussel Sprouts (I'm hoping the weather cooperates for them a bit better this year)
and Cauliflower

There's still two more weeks to go before I can get the pepper and tom seeds started.
~sigh~ It's so hard to wait!
Crap - they're already getting these plants in the ground down south.
Yes, zone envy rears its ugly head. Even Flighty is seeing lots of green!
My ground? White, frozen, undigable and depressing.

Total WS jugs to date = 21 (yes, I'm a slacker)

A quick aside:
Trudi, at, has changed how people have to go about getting the free seed offer. As of tomorrow, March 1, you have to print out a dated page and send it with the SASE postmarked within a week of that date to get them. Really, I understand her reasoning and people who take advantage of these offers suck, but what are you suppose to do if you don't have a printer? (like, right now, I have no ink, and at $20ish a pop, I won't be getting any soon!) This may leave some of those that are very deserving of these offers with no way to get them.

Oh! And I'm going to do the 'Hay Bale Gardening' this year as an experiment. Our neighbor is getting rid of a bunch of them that are already degrading, so yay! I can't wait - like I need something else to obsess over.