Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Amaryllis For Christmas

Yup, yup. I got an amaryllis. Yay!
I was kind of shocked considering my SM has never really acknowledged the fact that I like plants and flowers.

Of course, it had to be planted immediately, which was a good thing since it already had nice plump buds and had sprouted a foot in the box. It's ghostly white from lack of light (getting a touch of greeness now) and bent in a curve from being in the box, but it should be fine if it can manage the cool temps a bit.

The kids were good and followed directions as far as not buying us anything. I thought for sure they'd try to sneak something. Although, I'm disappointed they didn't make me the cards. Boogers!

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll be able to start WSing this weekend. I'm toying with the idea of waiting a while since the temps have been so wacky, but I may explode with impatience before then! I must have handled the seed packs fifty times in the last week, grinning like a fool all the while. What IS it about seeds? Maybe I have some weird seed-obsessive disorder. Not a bad thing to have and I know I'm not alone in this as-yet-to-be-medically-proven disease. They should research what physical effect gardening has on people. I can imagine being hooked up to tons of wires and machines and someone sticking a packet of seeds or a beautiful plant in front of my nose - the machines would explode. lol.

I imagine I'll give in and do a few containers and hold off on the majority. I can't help it! :) It's awful - like being a kid that opened the toy they wanted most for Christmas, but not being able to touch it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here's looking forward to 2007 arriving and praying it will be much better than 2006 was. Hey, how could it not be? Thanks to Kim, I have seeds to play with! I'm making progress on coming to terms with what my mother did to me, and D and our kids are happy and healthy, so what more could I ask for?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Click it and go have a jolly chuckle at my expense!

One Month of Free Club Pogo

Happy Holidays!