Friday, January 02, 2009

Time To Start Wintersowing!

I only have peat to use this year since I can't afford to get any potting soil, so as I'm not too sure what I'll get for results this year I'm calling it a WS experiment.
The milk jugs are all ready to get cut up. I'll probably spend all day Sunday doing that.
And dreaming of the summer garden with all those lovely flowers and veg.
OK, maybe I should back up and start dreaming of all those sprouts first.
Right now I'll take what I can get for good thoughts, so either way works!
And there's always all those newspaper pots to make - for inside and outside.
Now, if I can get a kid involved . . .

Same Old, Same Old - Just Worse

Christmas was very sad and New Years totally sucked, so I'm skipping over noting anything to do with either.