Saturday, March 31, 2007

Garden Vid

This "How to be a Gardener" video from Alan Titchmarsh is excellent, whether you're a beginner or expert gardener.
It's 8 episodes. Too long? Just pause and return. Some great tips.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I feel like a sprinter toeing the line and waiting for the starting gun to sound.

It's coming...just a few more's coming...ignore the 20 degree temps and snow still on the's coming...keep that winter coat hanging by the's coming...don't worry that not one darn thing is blooming...but... IS coming!

I know what's going to happen when that lovely season called spring finally does hit. I'm already feeling all edgy and anxious. The avalanche of 'gotta get it done' is going to swamp me before I know it.

I so hate this 'in limbo' crap! A whole looooong season of whining and bemoaning the rotten winter blues and suddenly every single plant is going to want immediate attention. I swear, spring is like having a dozen kids, all screaming and clawing at once for complete, uninterrupted attention! Ain't gonna happen, but everyone will eventually get their turn. Yes, eventually.

The chamomile I sowed last month went bonks in its pot and has flower buds already, as did the peppermint. I am rethinking where to put the peppermint since I know what it tends to do. Alright, not tends...insists.

Peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, egg plant and brussel sprouts are all up and happy. I'll be starting the tomatos this weekend.

The buddleia are almost a foot tall and bushing out nicely. I haven't decided if I'll try pinching a few that don't seem to want to branch out too well, or not. At least I got to pass 28 of them to my Aunt, who doesn't have any.

I keep checking the forecast to decide when to WS my tender annuals. By the looks and sounds of it, it'll be May before I can get them sowed! Highs of 40's and lows of 20 doesn't bode well for a while. I guess I can hold out some more. Heck, I don't even have one lousy green sprout in anything yet. Thank God those seeds are smarter about timing and the weather than I am or I'd kill everything! The rest of the country is happy in their wonderful swells of heat (I hope you're all pleased as punch with yourselves!!!) while we're still toasting our toes on the fire and grumbling. I want to see just one lousy daffodil, damn it!

Take a deep breath and smile...there, all better :)

The moon flowers had a bit of an accident. Well, ok, they didn't, my youngest and her sister's dog did. Unfortunately, when she moved back, so did the furball. Not that I don't like dogs, I do, (though I am a cat person - dogs drool! :P) I'm just not used to having one back in the house. I pouted, ranted, and then did the best I could for their recovery. Nevermind that I had already asked all humans to pleeease be very careful around those sprouts! You would expect a bit better behavior from older teens for Pete sake. But, I forgave them - dog included. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the moon flowers do too.

One sure sign the sun is getting higher - the impatiens I babied all winter long (the ones I got for like 2 cents a piece!) are flowering their fool heads off. I can't wait until I can get them outside for some fresh air. I'm sure they're a little...impatient. :) And besides, I'd like my house back!

The elephant ears seem to have made out pretty well. They're wearing a much healthier shade of green these days and have perked up nicely. The vinca - well, not so much. Poor things.

There won't be one more inch of usable space left on the stand D made me after I sow the tomato seeds, so I'll have to stop starting things.

So, with my toes gripped firmly on the starting line, I wait.