Thursday, May 17, 2007

So exciting!

My red-headed woodpeckers are back! Yay! They are the most beautiful birds ever. I just found out they're on the threatened species list, which makes seeing them even more exciting.

The humming birds are back and flocking to the feeders like crazy. Their little territorial dance is cute, but annoying at the same time. Didn't their mammas ever teach them to share? It's not like there aren't enough feeders all over the lawn.

Spring is most definitely here. (I'm avoiding the fact we may have a few snowflakes in the air tonight, so, shhh!)

Everything is so green! Have you ever noticed how everything looks so much of a brighter shade of green in the spring? I swear, it is! Ok, so maybe it's just me and it's the same shade all summer long. :-)

There needs to be a seperate measure of time for gardeners. I need something like 80,000 daylight hours in a week. Yeah, that'd get me close to getting everything done. Not! I was actually really ticked off the other day to have to drop everything and do the laundry. Apparently people become disgruntled when they run out of clean undies. Grrr...I think domestic duties should be banned from May 1st until October 1st.

I can't stop smiling over the woodpeckers. If you ever spot one, you'll understand what I mean!