Friday, October 13, 2006

Seeds Galore

Another luck-out day Sunday! :-)
I found seeds at my local Dollar General for 6 cents a pack. Ok, so they aren't the greatest selection, but I got aster, bachelor button, cosmos, zinnia, baby's breath, calendula, marigold, wildflower mix and a few packs of veggies. I have quite a few of my own harvested seeds too. Not bad for winter sowing starters.
Oh! And I have a wsing email buddy! How great is that?! We'll get to learn together. She seems very nice and as excited as I am about trying this out. I hope I don't freak her out with my babbling...
Buffalo got slammed with a snowstorm last night - 2 feet. They can keep it, it's only October 13th for pete sake! My son thought it was funny that they got slammed on Friday the 13th. That'll learn 'em for living on the lake! lol.