Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Little Bit Of Everything

I was a naughty girl :(
I splurged and spent 3.48 on 2 Victoria rhubarb roots.

I couldn't help myself...really, I swear. They just jumped into my hand and begged to be taken home. Ever heard a rhubarb beg? The whining is very disconcerting! (though it was difficult to seperate theirs from mine) They had to come home with me.

The hubster revolted at my act of bringing home more garden strays by tempting some onion starts to come to the register with him. Like I don't have enough started in the house from seed?! Of course, he had to point out that all I was getting for that 3.48 were 2 roots, while he, on the other hand, got 100 for 1.59.

Bah! So what? Mine taste better. So there! Ok, nevermind he absolutely hates rhubarb. lol.

Hubby has decided we need a bigger garden. Yay! Where else would I put those hundreds of brussel sprout sprouts? I am so very, very glad he's decided to really get into it this year. Though he doesn't really like much of what I'm growing to specifically fill the freezer with, I'm overjoyed that he's willing to give everything a go and save some grocery money next winter. Well, nevermind that if I wasn't growing them, I certainly wouldn't be paying what they want for this stuff in the store! So, it's either grow it or go without. Ummm, I'd rather not go without, thanks.

I started the tomatos last weekend.The yellow pears that I got from Kim were the first to pop. Right behind them were the seeds I'd saved from some San Marzano years ago. And, shock of shocks - 10 year old seeds from Ace 55 sprouted, along with some just as old Cherry! Unreal!

So, ready to harden off and head outside (when the weather finally cooperates!)

Broccoli (8")
onions (fat, tall and beautiful)
brussel sprouts (6")
cauliflower (7")
cabbage (7")
lettuce (buttercrunch-still looking unbelievably healthy, so far)

Peppers (4th set of true leaves, 5", though turning a bit yellowish)
Moonflower (12" and still going slowly due to the house being so cold)
Buddleia (12" and quit growing due to cold-they are not happy)
Impatiens (still looking good and blooming despite everything)
Elephant Ear (just plain old pissed off and looking grumpy)

No Winter Sown sprouts in my containers yet, which I'm actually glad of since we're suppose to get at least a foot of snow (Nor'Easter for Pete sake!) into Monday. How smart are they? Guess I'll be waiting a while to WS those annuals Sissy sent me :( I'm so glad I didn't let my impatience get the best of me with them. I may have 'Sissy' sprouts yet! lol. This spring has been a total bust so far! It better be a freaking fantabulous summer to make up for all this ridiculousness.

I'm still psyched about the sprouts from 10 year old seeds! I'm gonna go stare at 'em some more :)

Oh, and for a good chuckle: Secret Dubai diary - The litigious palm tree

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Toes Are Froze

Why I've not been updating - Now, really, how depressing is this!!??

NAM 84 hour forecast totals (place your cursor on the map and click box lower right to enlarge)

That just about says it all for any kind of doable gardening in my area :( Ugh!