Monday, September 25, 2006

where's the sun

Even with all this eternal rain, I feel as if I'm getting at least a few steps forward toward winter.
The tulip and daf bulbs finally got into the ground.
The iris are divided, pinched and replanted. Wow, had they multiplied.
Wind chimes all in.
I still have to figure out something to do with the park bench. Maybe covered against the front wall. It would be protected from harsh winter and it could double for my WSing.
The spike plants still have to be repotted and brought in. I probably shouldn't bother, but I love them and don't want to pay 3 bucks a piece come spring again.
Made a new trade this morning: chocolate mint for money plant seeds. I know the money plants will spread and look messy and I'll probably be kicking myself next year, but ah, well.
I still have some seed collecting to do, phlox, clems, almost white sunflower, etc., but I'll get to it eventually.
M stopped up and got some impatien cuttings. I showed her how to make the newspaper pots. She's always so excited when she first starts out, but the enthusiasm seems to drop off fast and she never follows through. I'll bet anything that she ends up letting them rot instead of going through the hassle of having to make the pots. I mean, come on, they're a peach to make and what is better than free? Screw it, let her spend the money on new plants in the spring, cause I swear to God, she is so not getting any from me when I'm loaded with plants and she couldn't be bothered. Why do I let people do that to me every single spring? Just like the tomato plants I nurtured all spring-she didn't even plant them til August, then proceeded to mooch tomatos off me last weekend because hers never got any. Well, gee, wonder freaking why? What a waste!
It's as bad as with the sewing-why can't I just say no? These people are quite capable of doing it themselves!
I think I got blogger seed dissed. :( Offering seeds and then not even replying is pretty crappy....