Sunday, November 02, 2008

Laugh Of The Day

This came to me from a blog I read now and again - Outer Banks Mom's blog.
It was too funny not to pass along.

Too Much Attention

With the cold dropping like a wet blanket, I've been paying way too much attention to my houseplants.

Not a good thing!

Too much love can kill a plant.
Why can I not keep my fingers out of the dirt and leave well enough alone?

At least my Majesty Palm is a happy camper about all this pampering. 3 new shoots since I brought her home. For the buck I paid, she's awesome! Although, the fact that she's already hitting our ceiling could be a bad thing. The Cat and Areca palms are still busy settling into their new environments. But still, for a buck, I'll be patient and give them time.

I'm not having the best of luck with the begonias. Ahhh, well. I guess some messing with them will give me some experience with stem rot. I love learning somthing new about plants.

All the seeds I've collected and dried have been stored. Maybe that's why I've been messing so much with the tropicals. My fingers can't stand to be idle and not messing with something green. God, I truly am obsessed!

My Dracaena Massangeana is looking like it's on steroids or something! The sucker is putting out new growth like gangbusters.

Ick - I found millipedes in my Burgundy Rubber plant. I drowned the little suckers. lol. There are 9 or so trunks in that pot and I'm toying with the idea of re-potting them - three to a pot for three pots. Yeah, I know (honest, I do!) that I shouldn't be messing with them until spring. But, ya know...they're there. And I look at them every day. So, uh...yeah. Maybe I'll be good, maybe not.

The Poinsettias are growing. No color, but I didn't bother with the dark treatment. Too busy with everyone else. I just want to get them through this winter for now. I need to be way more vicious with the pruning next spring. Last spring I was a bit hesitant and didn't really prune the heck out of them like I should have. I'm so worried, a lot of the time, of doing the wrong thing and losing stuff that I'm way too timid and tender. It's interesting - I pay about a penny a piece for plants I get on clearance, but still can't bring myself to the point of being ruthless with any of them!

I used to have a ridiculously huge Asparagus fern (no, it's not really a fern) years ago and loved it, so when I saw some on clearance for 5 cents, of course, I couldn't resist.

I re-potted my Spider plant - after I sliced the pot to get that sucker out! That'll teach me to neglect it again. It went bonks about a week after I re-potted. Must be happy to be able to wiggle it's toes again.

The potted Rosemary I brought in is so far, so good. Not really happy, but still putting on new growth.

The cuttings of Coleus and Impatiens have rooted and been potted up.

The Caladiums foliage has started to wilt down, so I'll be cutting it off and drying them out soon. Hate to see them go away, but I'll be bringing them back towards spring again, hopefully.

The Elephant Ears and Canna are sitting pretty in the sunny dining room windows and doing fine. This will be the fourth year for the EE's to overwinter as a houseplant. They don't look the greatest all winter, but they do OK.

I can't seem to make the Variegated Schefflera happy, no matter what I try. Less water, more water, less light, more light. What gives? I think this is the pickiest plant I've ever had!

The Calla Lily that my step-mom gave me for Christmas last year is huge and gorgeous! It's putting out new growth like crazy. I can't bring myself to put that fabulous foliage to bed, so it's taking up space in the dining room.

I should count how many houseplants I have now - or maybe not. It might prove I'm a little crazy. The hubs has started complaining to people that he can't walk through the house. Seriously, I don't see this as a problem - and that's a problem!

It's strange that I have really good luck with some things and others, well, not so much. Usually the easier it is said to be able to care for, the worse I do with it.

Probably from too much attention!