Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kim's Blue Moon

So, I grew it, but we all think of it as Kim's since she's the one that sent me the seed for it.

:) Thanks again, Kim!

Just after I sliced it in half, I realized my daughter could have taken a pic of it with her web cam. Duh! Obviously it wasn't going to take any award winning pictures, but you get the jist. So I held it back together while she snapped a pic. lol. Look at that color! Isn't that something?

There is another one still on the vine, but we're going to leave it be for a while.

33" around! It got much bigger than I thought it would, and the smell! Oh, my! Everyone was busy sniffing - it smelled just like watermelon! I swear! It was very strange - your brain knowing you're looking at a pumpkin, yet smelling watermelon. Of course, now cooked, pureed and frozen, it smells like yummy pumpkin. Look how gorgeous this thing was inside-

I cooked pureed and froze 1 regular orange pumpkin too, so pies, bread and cookies galore this winter. Well, I'll be processing another one today and making cookies, as I think the kids feel a bit cheated since they keep smelling it cooking, but never get to taste any of the spoils.
I roasted most of the seeds and held back a few to see if we could grow some more next year. Hey, with pumpkins this good, it's worth a try at coming out close to the parent!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Emotional Times

My birth mother passed on from cancer the morning of the 5th and with 9/11 coming it has been one huge emotional rollercoaster this week.