Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toxins Falling From The Sky

A 'secret' military satellite will fall to earth somewhere in North America at the end of February or beginning of March. Some materials used in construction could be hazardous if they reach the ground - including hydrazine fuel and beryllium, which are both toxic. (Not to mention that when the debri hits, some could be the size of a bus and weigh 10,000 lbs). They have announced they are putting together a contingency plan, so I guess we're all suppose to get that warm fuzzy feeling.

Here we are trying to be so careful that a lot of us will go to extremes to do organic gardening while our government decides it's quite all right to blast this crap into orbit and so what if it rains back down on us, our children, animals...oh, and the plants we eat? Grrrr.


No - not me! Though some may choose to differ on that opinion...

We're having thunder snow today! Cool! We do get it once in a blue moon, but when it does show, it's pretty interesting. OK, so the 65 mph winds aren't so peachy, but there's just something about a thunder and lightening storm while it's snowing that just gets everyone all . . . electrified! And besides, those wicked flashes and loud booms remind me of summer. Well, as long as I don't peer out the window at the blowing white crap.

Is this 'new' craze over terrariums bugging anyone else? It's all over TV, in blogs, the local paper. So NOT new, people. It just kills me - some of these new artsy-fartsy suckers (or maybe that'd be the buyer) go for more than ten thousand dollars. Yup, ten thousand. Are they joking? OK, I admit terrariums are cool, but dang! Now, if someone found an old Victorian at a flee market, that would be noteworthy, but can we say otherwise - boring, been around for ages. Even in the seventies it was those big round plastic globes on pedestals. I dunno, maybe every decade needs a rebirth of the terrarium. Personally, I think not, so let's move on, shall we?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seeding, Sowing, Sighing

I sowed a few seed I saved from my Chocolate Mint coleus a few days ago, so now there are some cute sprouts up. Since they won't come true, it should be interesting to find out what colors I end up with. These are going in the Elephant Ear containers, so growing them inside for a while won't hurt anything. Yeah, I'm pushing it, but I can't help it. Spring is still too damn far away! Interestingly enough, I couldn't even find a mention of chocolate mint at Coleus Finder. I think it's an awesome, bright color. Really catches your eye. I probably should have taken a cutting last fall, but was so busy with everything else that I never thought about it.

I also sowed some Sweet Spanish and White Bunching onion seed. They're from last years sale and labeled 'sell by fall 2006' so I don't know if I'll get good germination, but with starting them this early hopefully I'll know in time enough to grab some cheap ones at the Dollar store to start over. According to my records from last year, I started them March 2nd and got excellent germination, but they could have used a little longer grow time before transplant. I figure about 4 weeks would have been good, so this works out about perfect, even if I have crappy germination on these - I'll have time to start more at least 2 weeks ahead of last year.

I moved the Rodos and Aaleas to plastic cups so they wouldn't be so crowded and onto the plant stand. (Yup, got to put that up last weekend!) This way they'll get more root room and lots more light. I hope I didn't mess with them too early. They look OK so far, but I'm not so sure I was gentle enough with them. Guess time will tell. Oh, and if anyone decides to build the plant stand? - We've decided to change the side pieces (blue in the plans - 14") to 20", as ceiling space doesn't allow for taller. I've found that 14" is just too short once the plants start getting any height on them. I'd really like to make them about 24, but, like I said- unfortunately ceiling height just doesn't allow us to go past 20" each.

I started a few Hungarian Wax chili peppers via paper towel method and got 2 sprouts pretty quick, so I transferred those to soil. They'll be going in the patio container with the spikes eventually.

I even threw some seeds from the crushed hot pepper spice jar I had in my cupboard on some paper towel to see if I can get them to germinate. Who knows? The experiment won't cost me anything but some disappointment if it doesn't work.

Hubby helped me get my wintersowing containers prepped last night. It was my anniversary gift. Trust me - I am ecstatic! We never buy each other anything for holidays because we simply don't have the money, but this was much better than getting something he just plopped some money down for. Geesh, I love that man!

Hmmm, what else can I stick in the dirt today?

Can ya tell I'm jonesin' for spring?