Wednesday, January 30, 2008


No - not me! Though some may choose to differ on that opinion...

We're having thunder snow today! Cool! We do get it once in a blue moon, but when it does show, it's pretty interesting. OK, so the 65 mph winds aren't so peachy, but there's just something about a thunder and lightening storm while it's snowing that just gets everyone all . . . electrified! And besides, those wicked flashes and loud booms remind me of summer. Well, as long as I don't peer out the window at the blowing white crap.

Is this 'new' craze over terrariums bugging anyone else? It's all over TV, in blogs, the local paper. So NOT new, people. It just kills me - some of these new artsy-fartsy suckers (or maybe that'd be the buyer) go for more than ten thousand dollars. Yup, ten thousand. Are they joking? OK, I admit terrariums are cool, but dang! Now, if someone found an old Victorian at a flee market, that would be noteworthy, but can we say otherwise - boring, been around for ages. Even in the seventies it was those big round plastic globes on pedestals. I dunno, maybe every decade needs a rebirth of the terrarium. Personally, I think not, so let's move on, shall we?


Christine said...

I feel sorry for all these plants once the people get tired of them. Good news is: next fall's garage sales will have lots of the aftermath of this 'craze'. I could use some more growing plants stuff.

Tina said...

Oh! That's true. Nothing beats cheapo second-hand plants.