Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Right back into snow.
It's almost May, for pete's sake!
The koi and orfe are sulking. I can't say as I blame them.
No food for them for a few days - the water will definitely be nosediving below the 50 degree metabolism mark.

I am sooo not covering any plants or even worrying about my ws'd jugs. They made it through the quick freeze in April last year pretty well and are on their own again with the wacky weather. All I'm going to do is make sure they're well watered before the big freeze hits. Good luck, little guys!

All of my cheapie bulb plants I planted last fall are up. Yay!
Trout Lily
Virginia Bluebells
May Apple

Hope this freeze doesn't mess with them.

Oh, and we got the lawn mowed for the first time in 08.
It's a good thing.
From 87 degrees to 30 - not so good.



Flighty said...

It's been a miserably wet day here today! Spring really has been terrible here and there hasn't it. xx

Tina said...

Hey there, Flighty.
Yup, definitely been wacky.
I'm watching big, fat snowflakes falling from the sky right now.
I figure it has to be decent at some point? Hmmm, maybe we should cross our fingers on that one...