Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pollution Listed As A Sin

the new list of sins now includes polluting and not recycling.
Is that not one of the best reasons you've ever heard to start the habit of being an organic gardener?
Boy, oh, boy - I know a few people that are gonna be in big trouble. Mmm-hmmm...



Weeping Sore said...

A new sin? Dang, just when I could name all seven of the "old" vices. What's next, new virtues? I nominate gardening as a new virtue - just to keep things balanced...

Serenity said...

I read that, I think it was on another blog. The new seven deadly sins or something! So now we have 14? :o)
A greener us is the way forward, I just worry that everyone is a little late... better late than never? I hope so. :o)

Tina said...

weeping sore,
glad you stopped in!
I like your plan better...new virtues, please. Can we add seed collecting?

thanks for dropping in.
I dunno, what exactly IS the count now? I honestly hope people wise up...soon. I made a post a while back - Feeling Inadequate - when I really thought about if the little bit I did in my yard made a difference or not. I think it does!