Thursday, March 13, 2008

WTF Is She Thinking?!

And I thought Dottie White was bad.
From today's Blooming News article in the local Pennysaver:

The Ladybug Log
"Dry animal food such as rabbit, dog, cat food is excellent fertilizer for your garden.
Never toss old or leftover dry animal food in the garbage.
Save it to spread around your plants in the spring."

Excuse me? What is she thinking? Besides the fact that it will mold and stink faster than you can slurp your morning coffee, it will invite every critter (bugs included!) from here to China to your garden for the feast. Yeah, go ahead and spread it, just don't freak out when that skunk decides to clean up every crumb of leftover food, then cleans out your veg and expensive ornamentals. Oh, and that'll be just before he invites all his wildlife buddies to partake of your freely offered buffet.

Of course, what do I expect when in the same article she thinks $6.98 for one lousy tomato plant and $9.98 for ten onion (before tax and shipping charges) is cheap?! I don't care how *great* these ads claim these plants are, that's ridiculous, and so is she.


Nancy said...

Do you get the feeling this lady doesn't do her own gardening?

Tina said...

Hiya, nancy.
Yes, I do!
I think they need a new writer - ermmm, gardener.