Monday, March 10, 2008

Featuring Worm Poop

This last weekend's Forecast Earth wasn't all that great, but it sure was controversial. (if you missed it, you can watch the show online)
The topic of 'what does God want us to do with the earth' can get pretty sticky! I agreed with a lot that was said, but had to disagree with much, too. I suppose that was the point, eh? When it comes to thinking about what He would want us to do with His creation, I assume the answer would be pretty obvious, but I certainly don't think that the people who are trashing and polluting it are destined to go to hell! What's up with that?

Next week, they'll be doing a piece on TerraCycle. Yeah, the Worm Poop people. The company has branched off into some pretty amazing stuff. If you get time, it might be worth a watch...

Airing Times: 5 PM; 7 PM; 1 AM; 3 AM (Eastern)
(10 PM and Midnight on the West Coast)

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