Monday, March 10, 2008


It's March 10th, cold enough to freeze your (whatever) off, sweet sunshine cloaking the ground and just enough 'snow dust' in the air for a rainbow! How awesome is that?

I don't think I've ever seen one in March!
Think it's a sign?
OMG, I wish I had a camera.
Repeat after me - spring is coming, spring is coming, spring IS coming...

*It didn't last long.


Serenity said...

So positive at the beginning of the post and then at the end, the dreaded sentance! :o) Ah well. Oh you must get a camera, you really never know when you need to capture a memory!
We are having wet, windy weather in the UK, the South and South West getting the worst at the moment but no doubt it will move North East soon! :o)
Hope you are well.
daffy -

Tina said...

Thanks so much for dropping in.
Yeah, I want a camera sooooo bad! Unless I can find one at a garage sale somewhere, I'll be cameraless for quite a while yet. (I'm sure Australians can hear me whining. lol)
But the UK is in spring already, right? Yeah, that's me - glowing green with envy!

Serenity said...

People do tend to think of March 1st as the start of Spring but traditionally it is the 20/21 March. :o) Historically spring starts on the day of the vernal equinox. As long as it gets milder and the blooms start blooming I don't mind! We still haven't had much in the way of snow this year (or last for that matter!) so you never know! We still may get a few inches of the dreaded white stuff! I do hope not.
Imagine how useful a camera would be for capturing progress in the garden!

Tina said...

I hope you don't get snow! But, uh, you can have mine if you want. lol.
As for the camera: I know! I know! Ugh! I really wish I could afford one! I had my daughter take some pics with her cell of last summer's flowerbeds so I could remember what was where. I hate not having a camera, but it just isn't in the budget. I know a lot of people won't even read my blog because there aren't any pics, but it's something I don't have control of! Trust me, if I had one, I'd be photo-happy on my blog. lol.