Monday, March 10, 2008


This article Wake Up America! by Alan Bishop was reprinted by Robin (with permission) at Seasons Eatings Farm blog.

Holy crap! Nothing like slapping people in the face with your opinion.

I'd completely agree with everything he's said, except for one tiny problem: The economy is exactly why a lot of Americans (including me) shop the way they do. We simply can't afford that extra .25 cents per product. I can't imagine how much more my food bill would be every month if I only shopped the way he suggests. I certainly wouldn't be serving 7 dinners a week - I'd be lucky to afford 4. I'd LOVE to only support my local mom and pop or small farm and completely boycott Waldeath, but it isn't in my budget to do so unless they can match the prices of those 'other' places. Yup, I'll buy the cheap crap before I'll buy the expensive organic because I can get enough to feed my family that way.

Interesting. I'm completely sure that different classes of Americans have totally different view points on that article. And I'm also pretty sure different areas have different opinions. New York's economy and taxes aren't the only ones that are out of control (they are the highest in the nation) but it's difficult to live here and make ends meet. Ask a dairy farmer.

So, where's the happy medium?

What do you think?


Robin said...

It's a vicious circle. We've made a mess of our economy by supporting big business and foreign companies and now can't, won't snf don't make the changes necessary to fix the mess.

Republishing the article was not meant as a slap in the face to anyone. I do hope it made people think about what Alan said. If it made people angry, so be it. I hope after folks cool down the annoying, nagging voice at the back of the mind makes us think about what we can do to make this mess better.

Seasons Eatings Farm

Tina said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting!
I agree completely, we've made a huge mess of things.
Oh, no - I didn't mean you meant to be rude or anything, it was just a quick reaction to the tone of the article and the title-"Wake up".
And if people do get angry, well, sometimes the truth hurts...