Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Garden blog sickness/addiction

Disease, sickness, addiction, compulsion - obsession. (surprise, eh?)
I have it, I know I do! Where's the thermometer? I wonder if I should ask the doctor about it, or maybe a psychiatrist would be a better choice? Chicken soup is on the menu. Maybe I need the emergency room...

Don't laugh! You know what I'm talking about in my sarcastic way. Besides, you probably suffer from the same affliction...

It starts innocently enough with reading one interesting blog. (In my case, I blame Old Roses )

They mention an interesting link; click.
Wow, this person has some interesting photos, and another interesting link; click.
They mention someone elses blog they find interesting; click.
They talk about '__' being an expert on '___';click.
Wow, awesome gardens! Ooo! Their friend lives in my zone; click.
They thank so-and-so with the tips. TIPS?; click.
Odd plant. Ahh, from another blog; click.
Such-and-such grows WHAT?; click.
Never heard of that, but they got the cool garden craft idea from here; click.
Well! They left a rather interesting comment!; click

You know It's the truth! There are so many blogs and such interesting news and views. Virtual garden upon virtual garden. (What did we used to actually DO all winter?) They're all beautiful and interesting, and your 'favorites' list gets longer and longer. You have a special Garden Blog folder now to hold them all. You can't wait to explore again. You can't stop looking, reading, gasping, laughing and suddenly - you're addicted! Aha! It has happened! You've been sucked in! Want some chicken soup?


Colleen said...

I know what you mean! I go on every morning to do my blog entry, and then I always say "oh, let's just swing by Garden Voices and take a peek at what everyone's doing." Next thing I know, it's lunch time :-)

Leslie said...

Me, too! Not that I manage to post something everyday...but I actually admit to checking Garden Voices out several times a day since I don't have a stretch of available time to read everything at once. And then there are the several blogs I check out directly...and then there turns out to be blogs about other interesting stuff and, well, it just keeps getting worse...