Sunday, October 22, 2006

I've decided.

I want chaos! Why should I succumb to the organized, color themed, uppity, perfectly structured ways of fellow gardeners? I won't. I won't I say!

I WILL have an unorganized, colorwheel-be-damned garden! I want the plants I want, where I want them, flowering at the time they see fit and where they suit themselves most.

It so aggravates me when someone points out that my purple salvia most definitely should NOT be planted with my blazing red bee balm. Says who? Maybe I like clashing colors. Maybe just to tick these people off a bit more I'll plant orange calendula right smack-dab in the center of that bed next year and call it the 'tie-dye' garden! Take that Miss Nose In The Air Upper-Crusty Garden Maidens!

I sigh heavily and know that come spring I'll still worry about what my fellow hands-in-the-dirt peers will say. There's just no getting around it. It's a hopeless, yearly, spring garden dilemma.

This year I will simply do as I please. I will not give in to the norm. It's boring. Who likes boring? The butterflies, hummingbirds and hummingbird moths who visit daily could care what colors I put together, and neither does mother nature. Thus - neither do I!

My purple will stay snuggled next to the red, and maybe, just maybe...I will add some orange to my chaotic cottage gardens.


Annie in Austin said...

Hello sewobsessed - saw your comment at OldRoses and came over.

Personally, I love to put red and purple together, and nature does it too. I'm not sure if you see it in NY but down in TX we grow a plant with small, lovely red & purple blooms called Bat-faced Cuphea. I love this look, but have my own cranky quirks about hot pink!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

I say go for it! Your garden should be for YOU, however you want it to be. I like the idea of making a garden that looks like an explosion in a crayon factory. Might try it myself!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Skip the "shoulds (should nots)" I say! I love the volunteers that choose their own spot in the garden - who am I to know better. So what if they're the path, I can step over or around. Before long they'll be gone, so let them grow as they will. I take a happy (go lucky) garden over an organized one any day. Nice to find your site.

sewobsessed said...

I'd never heard of that plant before so had to 'google' it. Amazing! Thanks! I can't grow it, but at least I can look ;) Oh, and say, "Mother Nature puts those colors together on purpose, so there!" lol.

A crayon garden, perfect! Maybe we'll be 'The Crayon Garden' idea pioneers!

You're exactly right! Though I wish they would stay longer. I had a volunteer sunflower in my path this year, and it ended up a bit stunted (to say the least) but amazingly, everyone DID walk around it.

Girl Gone Gardening said...

Amen sister!!!

I like bright, exploding color.

I like caos in my garden. :)

Its funny, friends come around who have clipped lollipop shrubs, manicured lawn and a few annuals tucked along the front of hte house. NONONONO not me. I have plants waving at you, grabbing at you, attacking you! They say 'Its a (insert name here) garden. Wherever I move. A tiny lot turns into a Jungle of veggies, vines and flowers. No strait lines for me, no strait paths, no neat veggie plots. No pestecides, no herbicides. No plans, No maps. It may take a while for me to find what I like, moce things around, whatever. Its unique. And because its unique, I'ts interesting. Neighbors love it. Its always new. Keep it up.

I say we start a revolution.....

Down with the rows! Down with perfection!