Friday, October 27, 2006

I THINK we can do it...

Well, I couldn't find any kind of law prohibiting it.
Maybe there is and I just can't find it, but it doesn't seem like something 'unlawful'.

Ok, get your minds outta the gutter!

There is a small cottage house in our town that sells their garden produce off of a small table placed right up by the road. The lady of the house even puts out her jams, jellies and preserves to sell. Unfortunately, this year they've had to padlock and bolt down the pay box since, as they noted: "Someone has been 'borrowing' the money in the box." What IS wrong with people? Granted, the house is beautiful, expensive and well cared for, but because they have money doesn't mean they'd not have a problem with someone pillaging their spare change! Thieves make me crazy! That's as bad as someone swiping someone else's carefully grown produce in a community garden!

Anyway, with Christmas coming (according to the stores, I should have had my shopping done in August for Pete sake!) my brain was whirling on how to get some extra change. (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm the dumbass that should have thought of this in like...March?) But why couldn't we do that? I just give away all my extras to friends and family after my freezing is done. (I don't can - I'm terrified of poisoning the fam by not doing it right.)

There's really nothing stopping us, except maybe all that work. But why not do something I enjoy and make some Christmas money doing it? Everyone has been on my butt about selling my quilts and cross stitch, but they just take so dang long to make. And when they're completely hand made, well, honestly - no one wants to pay you what they're worth. So, maybe gardening is the answer.

But, we're so rural, I don't know how that'll work out. We could give it to the food bank if nothing comes of it. We'll have to give it a bit more thought...

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