Thursday, February 28, 2008


A friend visited last night. She walked in the door, took one look at my box full of seed and a plant stand full of sprouts, shook her head and said, "Why?"

Good question.

Why is my youngest daughter enamoured with the color pink? (she'd dye her hair pink if I let her).
Why is my youngest son so 'into' comp tech that it will eventually be his occupation?
Why is my husband so wrapped up by cars that he only has to listen to one run for a minute or two to tell you what's wrong with it?

Well, I can't answer their obsessions, but I know the answer to mine. Amazingly, it's easy.

I'm a nurturer.

It's what I've always been and I suspect it's something I'll always be.
In the very beginning of my life, on the farm, I nurtured all kinds of plants and animals (including insects).
In my teens, I nurtured friends.
As a newlywed, I nurtured my husband.
As a Mom, I've nurtured 4 children.

It's my calling, it's who I am. Add in an obsessive compulsive personality and - oh, boy.

Now that my kids are mostly grown, my nurturing has turned to plants. Well, seed.
Since my patience has grown thinner with age, plants were probably a good choice to return to.
Compared to the rest of the nurturing list, it's almost like instant gratification.

Think about it...husbands, kids and animals take years, and compared to that, plants can be nurtured from one seed to massive seed production in the blink of an eye.

I'm sure it's something I'll be until my dying day.
As they age, most people fear disease, pain, alzheimers.
Me, I fear not being able to nurture something. If my kids stick me in a nursing home, someone please bring me a houseplant! I swear, I'll remember to water it.

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