Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Hereby Proclaim This Weekend To Be...

Seed Starting Weekend!
March 1st and 2nd. (Planned that pretty good, eh?)

Ready, set....start those seeds!
Not sure what seeds you should start inside? (yeah, yeah - or outside for you 'special' people where spring has already hit)

Try this ---> Grow Guide
Yes, it's also prominently displayed in my sidebar. I love the stupid thing!

So, whip out those seed packets, start dreaming of a lush full flowerbed or garden and...GO!

Don't forget to post a list of what you started this weekend in your blogs next week and let me know you did so I can be nosey. lol.
Yes, winter sowing containers count but, before you even try it, no, things you've already sown or have seedlings of don't count. I guess you'll just have to start more!
Enabler? Who, me?


Nickie said...

Ha! I beat you to it...I've already started!

Tina said...

Ha! They don't count!
"before you even try it, no, things you've already sown or have seedlings of don't count." started them before the 1st of March. Guess you're just going to have to start more.;)

Nickie said...

Well, on march first i sowed some brussel sprouts seeds, does that count? They are already sprouting!

Tina said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Yes they count! We should compare when they go outside as I sowed some on the first too. Isn't it amazing how quick those little buggers grow? Mine did well last year growth wise, but the buds ended up being loose and I had to harvest quite a few to get enough for a meal. Well, at least the kids didn't mind!
Good luck with them.