Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go Ahead - Point At Me And Laugh

A while ago I made the decision that this was my blog, no one else's, and I was going to post what I damn well pleased. This included the mistakes as well as the triumphs. Yeah, those dumb things I do that I really should smack myself for.

Keep in mind that I have been gardening for almost 40 years. Yeah, a long time.


Apparently, after almost 40 years, I can not tell the difference between a weed and...


Ok, go ahead. Laugh. Snicker. Point. Go for it. Make yourself feel better.
I'll wait...

Ok, that's quite enough. Would you like a tissue for those tears of laughter?
~sigh~ Yes, I am admitting I don't know lavender doesn't look like a freaking weed! Well, erm...since when does a lavender bud start opening yellow? Yes, that sprout I was lavishing love and care on? Remember me extolling my prowess of green thumb over such rapid growth and lushness? The excitement that it was in bud a month after it sprouted?

Give me a break, I've never gotten one to grow before, remember? Actually, I don't ever think I've seen a real live plant in person.

Ok, I've bared my 2008 mistake. Well, the first one at least.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogs by gardeners who know a weed when they see one.


LBP said...

Hee Hee! Just stumbled onto your blog and it is so interesting! Easy mistake to make. I pulled up my sweet woodruff thinking it was a weed. Until I smelled my hands and thought "UH OH"!



OldRoses said...

Hee hee! Join the club. I've "weeded" out so many things in my gardens over the years that I now allow "weeds" to grow almost full size so that I can be sure that they are indeed weeds and not something that I actually want to be growing in my gardens.

Tina said...

Thanks for stopping in LBP!
I'm glad I'm not the only on. lol.
And those cup and saucer Easter gifts you made? Fabulous! Absolutely wonderful!

Thanks so much for dropping in!
See, now I feel better knowing a MG sometimes can't tell until they're bigger. But, now you've got me wondering what I've had that I wanted and yanked. lol.