Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey, I Can Skin A Deer!

Well, then. How depressing is it that the only time I'd be useful is if we had a national or world crisis?
This article: I Cannot Yet Skin A Deer, was published in July of 2005 by Mark Morford in the San Francisco Chronicle. He almost got the price of oil right (his prediction was half right) - or he may yet.

90% of the stuff in that article are things I really can do, and most were learned out of necessity.

Who says there is a down side to living in the country and being low income?

Wow, we really have become a nation of instant gratification. "I want it, I want more of it, I don't want to work for it and I want it now!"

Along with the rest of us, Colleen is experiencing a bout of cabin fever, but she made a great point in her recent post. As gardeners, I think we possess a lot more patience than the general population.

We wait...

We wait for spring.

We wait for fall harvest.

We wait for seed germination.

We wait for first bloom.

We wait for first fruit.

We wait for rain.

We wait for sun.

We wait for that first scrumptious taste of that first tomato.

We do a hell of a lot of waiting! And it teaches us that there really is no such thing as 'instant gratification' in nature. She takes her time, does it right. And hopefully, we learn to do it her way and do it right. What's wrong with those instant garden makeovers? They suck! They don't stay that way if the person caring for them doesn't have a clue and doesn't have patience.

Yes, gardeners may have more patience than others, but damnit all, we get tired of waiting, too!
So, Colleen, nope, you are so not alone.


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