Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Caladiums - Ready . . . Go!

It's time to start those caladiums.
Yes, I save everything. Yes, it's a problem.
I still have pansies going from last fall, for Pete sake!

But, overwintered properly, caladiums can be saved for years.
These (a pot of pink leaved and one of white) got a grand soak in a nice warm water bath and were promptly placed in the warmest room in the house.


Nope, nothing to see . . . yet.
These puppies want heat before they'll even think of budging from their slumber. Lots and lots of heat.
And, even then, it will take them eons to decide it's time to actually DO something - like show a smidgen of a sign that they didn't give up the ghost through their long sleep.
Eventually, they will. It just takes lots of waiting. And patience. And waiting. I've had them take up to 2 months to show any returning growth.

Hey, I waited all winter for some small sign of spring (no, I haven't seen one yet), I can wait a bit more. Gardeners do a lot of waiting.

Happy (sleepy plant) Growing!


NellJean said...

I stopped potting up caladiums and urging them on when I discovered that the ones started inside who sat and sat before sprouting actually grew no faster than the ones that I waited until the ground warmed and planted directly. Your mileage may vary, this is a much warmer zone. I've wondered if they have a day-length gene as well.

Kimberly said...

I'm an impatient gardener at times and usually opt for the plant vs a seed if given the choice. I was going to purchase my caladium PLANTS soon, but I might try starting from fresh for a change. You've inspired me!

Tina said...

Hi, Nell jean,
thanks for dropping in!
My choices on this are small. Our ground doesn't really warm up enough for them here until well into July, so unless I buy new plants every year (never gonna happen) or save and start inside, I won't see much, if anything, before first frost.

Hey, Kimberly,
thanks for stopping by!
Heck, since you're in Florida, you could probably pop some bulbs right into the ground and have a fabulous display in no time! Actually, I'm surprised they don't come back every year for you...