Friday, March 12, 2010


It was time for the first onion seedling haircut . . .




The second container got their greeness shortened, too. They grow so fast that it won't be long before it's time for haircut number two.

Happy (ouch!) Growing!


Di said...

This is interesting to me. In all my years of gardening (about 30) I have never heard of snipping my onion seedlings. I need educated here. Can you help an old lady out? ;)

Elephant's Eye said...

I'm guessing it is to add to salad. Like bean sprouts? (the other Diana at Elephant's Eye)

ChickenFreak said...


Is it wrong to leave it at just yum? I can almost smell the onion.

Tina said...

Hi there, Di,
thanks for dropping by!
The reason for the chop is that it seems to make them stockier and force more, stronger root systems and leaves (no legginess). I did an experiment one year where I chopped one flat and not the other. It really did make a big difference! I was surprised. The snipped ones had more leaves and the over all size of the bulbs were bigger at seasons end.

Hello Elephant's Eye,
thanks for stopping in!
I don't use the snips, though I really should...

Hey there, Chicken Freak,
thanks for popping by!
Yeah, the scent is awesome! Such small things make me very happy this time of year.