Monday, March 08, 2010

Name That Blog!

In all the years I've been blogging, I've come across some very interesting blog names.
Some make you think. Some make you chuckle. Some make you nod your head in agreement that it was the perfect name for a garden blog and you wish you'd thought of it first.
And some make you really wonder.

Mine is pretty easy to figure out - I have tons of hobbies, which have become more habit than hobby, and they make me happy.
For instance, I can't sit and watch tv without a sewing needle, quilt piece, book or yarn in my fingers. If I'm outside I'm messing with plants, soil or fish. If my hands aren't moving I'm wasting time. Of course, it could just be the result of my Grandmother's constant conditioning - "Idle hands are the devils tools." Happy Hobby Habit fit my blog perfectly.

Take Amy's blog, for example: Go Away I'm Gardening!
Now, seriously, I must think that 5 times a day in the summer! Perfect blog name.

Or, how about David's: Leave me Alone, I'm Digging.
Exactly! Perfect.

Kerri's Colors Of The Garden is rather self explanatory, yet very creative, don't you think? You know what you're going to read about before you even click. (although I secretly covet her container design skill. Shhh! Don't tell!)

How did those three decide on those interesting names for their garden blogs? Did they think long and hard or did those just pop into their heads?

Now, something like Herself's Houston Garden makes you wonder. Who's Herself? She's obviously gardening in Houston, but why use Herself? Intrigue!

Or, Lisa's Millertime. Why did she pick that? Is there some secret meaning we're all not privy to? Don't keep us in the dark!

Then there's Benjamin's Deep Middle. Interesting. Deep middle of what? Life, country, education, mountains? Do tell!

And Hanna's This Garden Is Illegal. It is? Cool! Why did she choose that name for her blog? Hmmmm . . . makes you wonder!

Occasionally, I think about a name change, but then I let the thought fall by the wayside. I like it and it fits for now. Maybe it'll be something to worry about in the future.

So, how did you decide on the name for your blog? Did you think about it for a while or was it just a spur-of-the moment thing? Did you want it to be something easy for people to remember? Have you come across one and wish you'd chosen something like it?

If you thought of something you liked better, would you be willing to change it? If you started a new one, would you think more about what it's name should be?

Maybe do a post on your own blog and tell us all about why it's named what it is - We want to know!
Well, at least I do. I'm a nosy gardener :)

Happy (naming) Growing!


Amy said...

I enjoyed your post and that is a good topic. Thanks for mentioning mine. I will have to write a post about how I came up with mine. :)

Anonymous said...

When I decided to start blogging it was about aviation in which I've had a lifelong interest. I spent ages thinking of a name and much to my surprise Flightbuff came up on Google as no results so that was what I chose. Other bloggers soon started calling me Flighty, and when I decided to start an allotment blog 'Flighty's plot' got the majority vote.
I've had and have various blogs and the other name I really like is Sofaflyer with 'Sofa flying' as a title.
My other blog 'trademark' is the James Stewart picture which I use everwhere!
I'm happy with my now well known name(s) and blog title(s) and have no intention on changing it(them)!
Flighty xx

Tina said...

Hiya, Amy,
thanks for dropping in!
Yes, please do do a post about it- I'm quite interested!

Tina said...

Hey there, flighty,
thanks for popping round!
See, I've been reading your blogs so long that I don't think I'd be sure it was really you if you went and changed the name . . . or the pic! lol. Nope, just wouldn't be you with a different name. Thanks, so much, for the explanation! :)

Benjamin Vogt said...

"The Deep Middle" is the title of my first published piece of memoir. Afer a life being a poet, it was a pivotal breakthrough in language for me, and now I'm writing 2 memoir manuscripts. But the deep middle? I live in Nebraska, in the middle of corn fields and the country. My writing tends to be "deep," metaphorical, lyrical, pensive. I also like chocolate filled with stuff in the middle. Humanity is in the middle fo all life on the planet--mediators, guardians, gardeners. Everything is not black an white, it's in the middle, grey....

Jim Groble said...

It's a long and funny story. No horses are involved. It's really a love letter to my extended family. For the skinny go to my OCT 22, 2009 post. jim

Tina said...

Hi, Benjamin,
thanks for stopping by!
And thanks for the explanation(s).
Although I knew one, here's always more than meets the eye.

Tina said...

Hey, Jim,
thanks for dropping in!
Interesting - And I'll do just that!

Elephant's Eye said...

First there was the mountain, we look at. Elephant's Head. Then I needed a small name for a small garden. Elephant's Eye. I have an extra page 'Why?' which I'm about to rewrite.