Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Sowing Update For February

If you're not sure what this winter sowing/wintersowing technique is all about, check this out:
the wintersowing forum at GW

Currently in jugs outside in the snowbank (Yes, outside on purpose so the rain and snow can get in) -

Lupines (4 jugs, 2 mauve white/2 mixed colors)
Poppy (ordinary orange perennial)
Blanket Flower
Cardinal Flower
Hollyhock (thanks Kim)
Foxglove (dwarf)
Columbine (dragonfly)
Pansy (1/2 - other half sown inside)
Lavender (1/2 - other half sown inside)
White Pampas Grass
Red Hot Poker (1/2 - will start other half inside)
Nigella (another thanks to Kim)
Sweet Pea
Purple Wave Petunia
Mini Hollyhocks
Black Eyed Susan (like I need more?)
Cypress Vine
Shasta Alaska
Aster (crego mix - I adore the colors)
Pink Poppy
Toad Flax
Snap Dragon (of course!)
Black Eyed Susan Vine

Wow, that's a short list this year compared to the hundred-some-odd I did last year. No problem, I still have lots of half hardy and tender annuals to do the middle/end of next month. Yay!

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Serenity said...

I'm not much of a gardener but I love flowers and we have a rather large garden which is still in my husbands planning stages. He tries so hard every year to get everything established. The rabbits have been a problem lately.
My front lawn is spurting crocus at the moment, three yellow at the last count, I worry the frost will put a stop to the early spurt!
I remember when we first bought this house (6 years ago) the garden was overgrown with Pampas Grass, you should have seen the size of the root!
I love Snap Dragons, Poppy and Pansies are always very pretty and delicate looking. I wish you lots of success but I doubt you will need my wishes! :o)

(This is actually daffy (I think you visited me this morning)
but the only way I could comment was with an account so I found a blog I had completely forgotten I had! :o))

Tina said...

Serenity, thanks so much for taking the time to mess about and finding a way to comment. I really appreciate it!

You should have your hubby start a gardening blog (or does he already have one?)...he'd have more help from fellow garden bloggers than he'd know what to do with! lol. In a good way.

Carol (at 'May Dreams Garden' - her link is on my sidebar) may have a few tips about those darn rabbits. She's been fighting them too!

I've been debating very carefully where to situate the pampas. I'm only growing it because the guy down the road has the tallest so far in the neighborhood, and I just can't have that! ;) I'm leaning toward sticking it in the middle of the lawn by the driveway and deadheading the crap out of it.

If you like all those flowers (heck, if you like any type of flowers) give wintersowing a go. It works, and it's fun!

Good luck to hubby with those stupid rabbits.