Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They Should Be Hung By Their Balls

Yes... extended auto warranty telemarket scammers should be hung by their freaking balls!

Well, if they have 'em, and obviously they do if they're calling unlisted cell phone numbers at 4 am! Just another reason I'm glad I don't own a cell.

Herb Weisbaum article: Auto warranty firms launch sleazy scam - If you get a call offering extended coverage, hang up and then complain

Since hubby had his identity stolen, I'm at the very least, a smidge jumpy.
We keep getting those stupid "Your auto warranty is about to expire" calls. On an old, beat-up 1994 neon? Puuhleez!

Grrrr. My kids hung up on them three times already (they've been trained well). I hung up on them myself, twice. We don't have caller ID and if you *69 it, it's "unavailable". Of course. We can't even file a complaint without knowing basic info that we can't get.

The hubster, who is much more diplomatic than the rest of us, actually wants to speak to a 'real' person and find out where they got our number from since we're unlisted and on the do-not-call registry. Yeah, I gave him the blank, raised-eyebrow look.

So, as directed, he punches in the correct number to be transfered to a real person. It rang...rang...rang.
Hmmm, that diplomatic look quickly changed to annoyed and finally to that 'now-you've-pissed-me-off-because-you-called-me-at-dinner-time-and-can't-be-bothered-to-answer-your-freaking-line-seeing-as-this-is-so-damn-important-it-can't-wait' warrior look. Ut-oh. Let's just say the 'person' on the other end was probably damn lucky he got disconnected.

I got another call today.

I don't think I'll tell hubby...

And WHY is the spellcheck still not working? Grrrr....


thepowerguides said...

Hanging by balls is to good for them , maybe between the blogging community we could think of something even better ..


how about insisting they give home phone number out when ringing so we can make their lives a misery by ringing

1 When they are asleep so we wake them

2 Waiting till they are sat down with family for time together then disturb them

3 And if they say no ring 4 or more times in the next 2 hours just incase they were not pissed off already

PS my wife is a nurse who works in a childrens hospital on nights and it gets to the point of having to take the phone off the hook so she can get some sleep


Gina said...

tina - i just finished a book called "Nature Girl" that is about a lady who is so pissed off by telemarketers calling her at dinner time that she actually lures one of them to florida to teach him a lesson. it was inspirational!

dex said...

It`s the companies with whom we have credit cards who bug me. Not satisfied with making a profit on the cards they want us to take out additional insurance too, (and at very high rates).

Tina said...

Hiya, Steve.
Thanks for dropping by!
I agree with you...I wonder if McCain would change his tune about torture if they called him non-stop in the middle of the night.
So sorry for your poor wife. What a pita!

Hey there, Gina.
lol, now that sounds like a book I could get into. I hope she fed him to the alligators...piece by piece. Yeah, I'm still pissed. lol.

Thanks for stopping by Dex.
Now that's something I don't know about because I don't own a credit card, but with all this telemarketing stuff, I can imagine your pain. See, I think for them I'd simply have to tell them that if they called and bugged me one more freaking time, I'd take my business elsewhere. Hmmm...I wonder if that would make them think twice?