Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Dottie Rant


Last october I was having a fit about the information a so-called expert, Dottie White, was giving about plants on local TV.

Oops, she did it again.

Someone called in about a dying Christmas Cactus.
And what did she tell them? She advised them to let that sucker dry out completely, and make sure it stays dry right down to the bottom of the pot because, after all, it is a cactus!

Ugh! They are epiphytic cacti native to South American jungles. Not a true desert cactus. They are a succulent.

When left to dry out, like Dottie advises, they'll respond by dropping their flower buds. On the opposite end, you musn't overwater or allow them to get water-logged or they will rot. If outside, they need to be kept in shade as they will end up with burt leaves with too much direct sun (May - September).

Hmmm...now does that description sound like a freaking desert cactus that should be treated to shriveled and dried out roots to anyone else??

I need to stop watching the noon news on Tuesdays. I'm slowly moving from distrust of her guidance to total dislike of it.


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