Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tiny Tom Envy

Ok, so it might not be the smallest, but it is pretty tiny for a Rutgers. I waited and waited to see if we ever got a small one and yesterday, bam, there it was. I was excited to get to play too! :)

So, Carol, I'll see your tiny tom and raise you 3 teensy carrots!

I wonder what other unusually teensy veg everyone got. Hmmm...maybe I should check the peppers...


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Nope, that tomato is way too big to be even in the race for tiniest Tom. ;-) Love those cute little carrots though! Well done! :-)

If you wanna see some really special tomatoes and strawberries too, visit my blog and look for the Humongous Fruits post.

Carol said...

I'd say that's pretty small for a Rutgers... most of the other tiny tomatoes are cherry or currant tomatoes. Maybe there should be a special category?

Now those carrots, those really are something tiny to (barely) see!

Thanks for joining in with your tiny tomatoes!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Tina said...

Hi Yolanda, thanks for stopping by. Honestly, I knew it isn't the smallest, but Carol got my point. lol.

Carol, thanks for dropping in.
I thought that was pretty small for a Rutgers, myself. Yet, every single one of my cherries were huge! Go figure...

Next tiny veg - your turn! lol.