Monday, September 17, 2007

Patio Power

We finished the patio this past weekend. Yay! I'm doing the happy dance.

We ended up resorting to getting the red shale by bucketfuls. Ugh!

But yes, it's finally finished. It took all summer, but done. And all for free. How much better does it get than that?

Now, I can't make up my mind exactly what to do plant material wise. Dig beds right along the outside edges? Build planters along the inside edges (along the walls of the house) and leave the outside edges clean cut? Lots of pots spread all over?

Well, we must at least have something climby on the little shed wall that is the cellar entrance. That thing is squat and ugly and must be covered with something, but NO ivy. Ick. That'd be one of my additions to Kim's Not In My Garden list. Love it in other peoples gardens, just never in mine. Hmmm ... what to put there?

Now, if we could just get the foundation planters finished before winter. Me thinks we biteth off more than we can cheweth. But no snow drifts under the walls will be worth it!

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