Monday, September 17, 2007

I Wish They Weren't Weeds

We've left a piece of land to do as it pleases. It's on a very steep slope (ok, cliff) that is simply impossible to mow, nevermind that it drops to a boot-sucking bog at the bottom.

And right now it's in its glory.

All summer long it has looked like nothing more than an unmanagable briar and wild things patch with a few phlox and queen ann's lace poking around here and there, but we've refused to cut it as it's such a grand wild things haven. Good thing I don't have any of those 'Turn You In' sort of neighbors, eh?

But right now that little untended plot is spectacular! Drifts of goldenrod are interspersed with wild aster, both with outrageously deep color this year, and peeking through on occasion is a splash of bright, glowing white bind weed.

Oh, how I wish they weren't such invasive weeds. I'd have them smack-dab in a front flowerbed. Just because.

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