Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Change Shmange

I'm one of those people who dislikes change. Very much.

I've gotten used to getting up, grabbing a cup of coffee and wandering around outside with that steaming cup while, with the other hand, fingering flowers and leaves and jabbering to the koi (yes, they can distinguish between people) as the sun peeks over the edge of the horizon, throwing gorgeous rays of color over everything and the birds peep from the feeder while a warm breeze blows softly across the dew and tree leaves rustle. Ahhhhh.

Now...well, it's damn cold out there!

I have this awful twinge of regret and anxiety now that summer is heading off to ... somewhere.

Lordy, I need to move.

Everything in my house has a place, and it has all been it that same place for 25 years. (yeah, and probably some of that dust has had its 25th birthday as well). I still have the same dishes and silverware I had when we got married. New furniture is only aquired as a 'have to' because someone has fallen on the floor for the fifth time. Bills are always paid by check, none of this new-fangled online pay for me, by goobers! Cash at the register. Ancient, cracked and crumbling Christmas decorations hang on the same old, 'see the wire branches' tree, some held together with taped strings of lights. Hey, it is electrical tape! Maybe the cheap stuff, but still. And it comes in colors! Charlie Brown would be so proud.

Have I mentioned I don't like change?

Yet, I find it strange that the one thing I'm overly motivated to constantly change is my garden. I've just finished one corner and wham! I'll be darned, but the next bed has a few plants that aren't happy with their location. So, get out their little suitcases and move them and their dirt 3 feet to the left. Ahem.

Oooo, see, now there's a hole and a big empty spot there. Well, something else will just have to pack up their roots and move in.

Geeps...they're like bad, bad rental tenants with wanderlust. Heh, I wonder if I can start charging them rental space.

Nah, not worth it. Although, with all those wild parties they throw with the Japanese beetles and aphids, I bet I get to keep the security deposits.

Fall seems to be persistantly knocking at the front door with his suitcases piled on the steps behind. If he isn't careful he's going to bust out my glass with all that bangin' ... and then there'll be some-kinda-trouble.



Blackswamp_Girl said...

You sound like me! It always amazes me (after the fact--like when I'm sitting around in February thinking about some of my dumber garden antics from the past year) that I can rip apart a gloriously blooming bed just so it can "look better next year!" lol.

Tina said...

I honestly don't understand this urge to change things around in the beds when anything out of place in my house drives me nuts! I wonder if my neighbors think there's something strange going on in my yard when they see plants move ... all by themselves. lol.