Tuesday, September 25, 2007


That's really all there is to say about this time of year.

I call it the 'inbetweener' season. Time to clean up the garden and flowerbeds and get out all those half finished quilts. Yet, the temps aren't playing fair and there are still things going strong, pushing away the urge to tidy up. There's still time. Summer hasn't vanished yet. But, it will. Soon. And that white shit will be everywhere. Soon. Ugh - the inbetweener.

The Toad Flax has had a second flush of bloom, so I'm glad I didn't get scissor-happy and shear everything off. The zinnias (of course) are happy, toms are still overflowing, and the peppers are ignoring the fact they aren't in a nice tropical environ - nevermind, it will be mid to upper 80's today, so let 'em go on thinking it. Buddleia are absurdly weighted with new blooms, petunias are still pushing on, as well as the snaps, marigolds and cosmos. The asters are spectacular.

I really should get out there and collect some bean seed for next year and rip the plants up. But it's so nice out. It's not time! Not yet. And I will continue to refuse to acknowledge that it is until I need to dig out my woolens.


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