Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Like Him

Jamie Durie is the new host of The Victory Garden, and after a few shows I've decided I really, really like him!

What an improvement over Michael WeishYaMeanIGottaGetMyHandsDirty.

Mr. Durie actually has a personality. Heh, and that accent ain't too shabby either. And he touches things. With his bare hands! And gets dirt on himself. Dang, The Victory Garden now has sex appeal. Exactly what else have our Australian friends been hiding, eh? Good Lord, the man even has his own publishing company. I bet Micheal is cringing. lol.

Major kudos to The Victory Garden!

They did this really cool sculpture/tree thing with rebar and bouganvilla today. Yes, I want one for my patio! Obviously, I can't grow the bouganvilla, but I bet I can find something else that would look just as cool. Maybe Heavenly Blue morning glories, (a whole tree of blue!) or hyacinth bean.
Maybe both.
Ooooohhhh, the possibilities!

Muahahaha...the project list gets longer, and I'm enjoying this particular show again. Life is pretty good.



Daria said...

I got to shake hands with Roger Swain at the Common Ground Fair (Unity, ME) last weekend. It was the high point of the visit! :)

Gina said...

I like that guy too! Victory Gardens is my new favorite gardening show.

Tina said...

Thanks for stopping by.

See, now that's my idea of a celebrity sighting! I'm envious.

Thanks for dropping in.
Isn't he fab? Lordy, I sound like a star blinded teenager. lol.